“I am currently an inmate in a Federal Prison serving my 13th year of a 45-year sentence! If I can find peace and happiness in this type of environment… How is it that people in the ‘free’ world can’t? What is it that I know or what woke me up? I’ve been asked these questions thousands of times and now, following a conversation I had with an inmate, who’s asked these and more, I’m ready to share my thoughts on what I’ve learned with YOU!”
~Gangster Turned Guru~

One of my goals is to be able to donate my books to prisons all over the country!  Until I am able to support that concept, my publisher has agreed to drop-ship books directly to prisoners in the US at the publisher's cost plus shipping.  Please send an email with shipping information including which book,  inmate name, and number to  My publisher will send you an invoice.

Thank you,
~Eddie K. Wright, Author


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oice for the Silent Fathers

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